It fits! River’s snack is slightly wrong.

NASA’s Meteoric Software Clocked at Terminal Velocity

Skydiver films meteoroid, NASA and Microsoft open source code, Subversion switches to Git, Zebras are stripy because… - Some car tech, and listener calls. Fun Fun show.


Wonderful Minecraft Host

I recently had the pleasure of working with Max’s Hosting to set up a Minecraft Server for my kids and their friends. Their plans were fair and their customer service was awesome. I ended up spinning up my own VPS due to a small technical detail, but if you are looking for a good Minecraft hosting service look no further then

Our producer, JD, and Miles prepping for the pledge drive GS episode. #throughglass

The volunteers answering phones at KUSP for the pledge drive.

Workin on a bed for River: I’m making the frame and Maggi is quilting!