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Good morning Gwen



Being good to each other is so important, guys.

An important PSA.

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That is one big rabbit!

That is one big rabbit!

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Yubaba piñata - 24 hours of life = happy kids.

The bridge at work grabs my attention on arrival.

Waiting on Alba after running out of gas.

Hwy 17 closed = impromptu shuttle tour of Old Santa Cruz Hwy @TrafficOn17

Google, Improve Hangouts!

I want to love hangouts. I want to bask in a flow of communication, answer my phone on any device, send pictures to friends, and even open a quick video chat with ease. And every day Hangouts promises and let’s me down. Google, are you listening? Are you working on making it better? You say you will replace Hangouts with Google voice, but you haven’t really done that have you? So my phone and google glass notifies me that a Hangout is trying to start, but then my phone rings with the same person. I can’t actually start the Hangout, and when I answer the phone, well Hangout keeps ringing. Lovely!

I’m software engineer, I know it is a lot of work to make a great application. And I see the potential of Hangouts being that fantastic app, but it isn’t yet. Please, please, please make it better. Heck, open source it and it might be that the internets makes it better for you.

I know you, Google, know how to make good apps, so why haven’t you for Hangouts. You know what, don’t answer that, simply take that energy and invest it in Hangouts.

I made a bench today.